Aptitude Questions with Answer | Average Question's | Placement Questions

In this post you will get the Aptitude questions which are asked in the Company Placement Paper's. After Solving these questions you will get the idea that what kind of questions comes in the placement papers and you will be able to solve the questions.Quantitative Aptitude Questions are here which you can solve and brush up your knowledge.Aptitude Questions with Answer | Average Question's | Placement Questions.

Aptitude Questions


Q1. Find average of all the no.s b/w 6 and 34 which are divisible by 5
a. 18
b. 20
c. 24
d. 30

Q2. Average of first five multiple of 3 is
a. 3
b. 9
c. 12
d. 15

Q3. average of first 9 prime no. is
a. 9
b. 11
c. 11 1/9
d. 11 2/9

Q4. Average of first 50 natural no. is
a. 12.6
b. 21.5
c. 22
d. 25.5

Q5. Average of 7 consuctive mo. is 20 . The largest no is
a. 19
b. 21
c. 27
d. 23

Q6. Avg of non-zero no and its square is 5 times the no. then no is?
a. 9
b. 3
c. 1
d. 8

Q7. avg age of boys in a class is 16 year and of girls is 15 years . Avg age of whole class is
a 15
b 15.5
c cant say
d 25

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