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In this post you will get the Aptitude questions which are asked in the Company Placement Paper's. After Solving these questions you will get the idea that what kind of questions comes in the placement papers and you will be able to solve the questions.Quantitative Aptitude Questions are here which you can solve and brush up your knowledge.Aptitude Questions with Answer | Average Question's | Placement Questions.

Aptitude Questions

Time and Work

Q1. C and D do a work for Rs. 75. C alone can do the same work in 20 days and D does it in 30 days , with the help of E they finish the work in 8 days.How will C,D and E will respectively Distribute the wages

a. Rs 20,Rs 30,Rs 25

b. Rs 25,Rs 20,Rs 30

c. Rs 30,Rs 25,Rs 20

d. Rs 30,Rs 20,Rs 25


Q2. E and F can do a work in 10 days,F and G in 12 days and G and E can do it in 15 days,if f alone works for 15 days and then joined by E and G,in how many days will they all finishes the work

a. 20 days

b. 15 days

c. 16 days

d. 18 days


Q3. if 8 men can reap 80 hectares in 2 days, how many hectare can 36 men reap the same field in 36 days?.

a. 540 hectare

b. 450 hectare

c. 420 hectare

d. 489 hectare


Q4. if 8 men or 12 women can do a work in 25 days , in how many days can the work be done by 6 men and 11 women together?

a. 12 days

b. 15 days

c. 9 days

d. 18 days


Q5. if 3 men or 7 women can do a work in 32 days , the number of days required by 7 men and 5 women do a piece of work twice as large is

a. 19 days

b. 21 days

c. 27 days

d. 36 days


Q6. C does a piece of work in 24 days.D is 60% more efficient then C.Then no of days taken by D to finish the work

a. 9.6 days

b. 12 days

c. 15 days

d. 18 days


Q7. A can do a work in 15 days and B in 20 days. If they work together for 4 days then fraction of work that is left is?

a 1/4

b 1/10

c 7/15

d 8/15


Aptitude Question's on Average

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