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Aptitude Questions

Speed Time and Distance

In this post you will get the Aptitude Question's which you can practice to increase your knowledge. Time Speed and Distance Question's with Answer,Placement Question's. Aptitude Questions | Aptitude Questions with Answer | Chain Rule Aptitude Question's

Basic Formula's

Speed = Dist. / Time
Dist. = Speed * Time
Time = Dist. / Speed

Here are some Expected Question's Which come in the Placement Paper's

Q1. A bus cover a dist of 360km in 5 hr.Find its speed in m/sec.
a. 25
b. 20
c. 24
d. 21

Q2. A car covers first half of its journey at the rate of x km/h and second half at the rate of y km/h.The average speed over whole journey is
a. 2xy/x+y
b. 2x/x+y
c. 2y/x+y
d. None of this

Q3. A car completes first half of this journey at the rate of 5km/h and second half at the rate of 3 km/h.The average speed of whole journey is.
a. 3 1/2 km/h
b. 3 3/4 km/h
c. 3 km/h
d. 4 km/h

Q4. A car completes a certain journey in 8 hrs. It covers first half of the journey at 40km/hr and rest at 60km/hr. The Length of journey is....
a. 375 km
b. 400 km
c. 350 km
d. 384 km

Q5. By walking 2/3 of his usual speed a man reaches office 15 min late.His usual time is..
a. 35 min
b. 40 min
c. 30 min
d. 33 min

Q5. By walking 5/3 of his usual speed a man reaches office 20 min earlier.His usual time is..
a. 55 min
b. 50 min
c. 60 min
d. 43 min

Q6. A car travels a certain distance taking 7 hrs in forward journey, during the return journey increased speed 12km/hr takes the times 5 hrs.What is the distance travelled
a 210 kms
b 30 kms
c 20 kms
d none of these

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