Tech Mahindra Selection Procedure|Tech Mahindra Aptitude Questions

In this Post I am going to tell you the process which Tech Mahindra follows to recruit the fresher and the experienced employees. First of all I am going to tell you about the Tech Mahindra this will help you in H.R Interview also. Tech Mahindra is an Indian MNC that provides IT(Information Technologies) and Networking Technologies solutions and BPO also. Its headquarter is in Mumbai , India .C.P Gurnani  CEO of Tech Mahindra.

Eligibility Criteria :-
Candidates having the percentage above 65 % in 10th 12th and the degree are eligibile for the Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra Placement Process|Tech Mahindra Selection Procedure | Cutt offs

So , Now Selection Procedure:-
It is Divided in 3 sections and these are:-

1.       Written Test:- In written test you will get total 40 questions and you will get 40 minutes to solve these questions.
20 Questions will be of Aptitude and the other 20 will be of Verbal.
(Note Written Test Questions vary from collage to collage)

2.       H.R Interview:- The candidates who will clear the first round now have to face the second round that is H.R interview . In this Interview basically Questions are asked to check your communication skills and to check how you behave to the situations.

Some Most Frequently Asked Tech Mahindra H.R Interview Questions are:-
1.Why Should we Hire you ?
2. Do you know anything about the Tech Mahindra?
3. What is your weaknesses?
4. Rate me as an Interviewer out of 10 ?
5. Why you opt why not BCA?
6. Your Goal of Life?
7. Tell me about your achievements ?
8. Are you trained for the Interview?
9. Who Motivates you the Most?
10. What makes you angry?

Tech Mahindra H.R Interview Questions|Tech Mahindra Technical Interview Questions


3. Technical Interview:- In this interview questions are asked from the Languages which you have         mentioned in your resume so a advice to all the viewer’s go through your resume before going to the Interview.

Some Technical Interview Questions of Tech Mahindra are:-
1.       What is the Difference between C and C++?
2.       So you have made Project in Java . tell me the version of Java which you used?
3.       How many Modules were there in your projects?
4.       What was your part in making the Project?
5.       Tell any two Diff b/w JDK and JVM

This was the Selection procedure which tech Mahindra follows to recruit the Fresher and the Experienced Employee

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