H.R Interview Questions|Most Frequently Asked H.R Interview Questions

In this post i am going to tell you the H.R interview questions which comes in the interview. I don't say after reading this post you will clear the H.R interview but this post will give you the idea that what kind of questions are asked by the interviewer and you can get yourself prepared for that questions.H.R Interview Questions|Most Frequently Asked H.R Interview Questions

So, Here are the H.R interview Questions:-

1. How would you improve upon our product/ company?
2. How long can you commit to work with us?
3. Rate me as an interviewer out of 10?
4. What is your expected salary?
5. What is your Short term Goal?
6. Tell anything about your Home town?
7. Why Should we Hire you ?
8. Tell any 5 uses of pen except writing?
9. What makes you angry?
10. Are you comforatble to relocate?

H.R Interview Questions | Top 25 H.R Interview Questions|Infosys Interview Questions

11. Tell any 5 features of your Phone.
12. Which operating system do you use ?
13. Name any 2 Operating systems?
14. Have you ever heard the name Android ? What is it?
15. Tell any two difference between Android and Windows Phone?
16. Tell any 3 features of Operating system you use?
17. Have you checked the H.R interview questions list on net ? If yes tell the basic Questions which were there?
18. Why you want to join our company
19. Who motivates you the most?
20. Tell any 10 subjects of your course
21. What makes you angry?
22. What is smart work?
23. Tell any 1 difference between Smart Work and Hard Work?
24. If you given a chance to become president of india what changes will you make?
25. Which is your ideal company?

These were the top Interview Questions which you can expect in the interview. Best of luck to all the viewer's :)

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