Java Interview Questions|Core Java Interview Questions| Core Java Questions

1.What is the main difference b/w C++ and Java?
2.What is the purpose of garbage collection in Java?
3.When the Garbage collection is used?
4.Different ways of using threads?
5. What do you know about Java?
6. What are the supported platforms by Java Programming Language?
7. List any five features of Java?
8. Why is Java Architectural Neutral?
9. How Java enabled High Performance?
10. What is Java Virtual Machine and how it is considered in context of Java’s platform independent feature?

Core Java|Core Java Questions|Core Java Interview Questions


11. List two Java IDE’s?
12. What is the default value of byte datatype in Java?
13. When a byte datatype is used?
14. According to Java Operator precedence, which operator is considered to be with highest precedence?
15. When parseInt() method can be used?
16. What is an applet?
17. An applet extend which class?
18. Explain Set Interface?
19. Difference between throw and throws?
20. Define JRE i.e. Java Runtime Environment?

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