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In this i am going to share with you the Most Frequently Asked C Language Interview questions after reading this post you will get an idea that what kind of questions comes in the Interview and how to give answer to that Questions.

Here are the C Interview Questions

1. Tell me what is local block?
2.When is switch statement better that the if statement
3.What is the difference between goto and long jmp( ) and setjmp()?
4.What is the difference b/w ++i and i++
5. Tell the output of
     value of i?
6.Difference b/w C and C++
7.Who was the father of C?
8.What is null pointer?
9.What is Stack?
10.What is macro?

 Programming Interview Questions|C Language Interview Questions

11. What are standard predefined Macros?
12.What is preprocessor?
13.What is Heap?
14.Which 1 will execute faster a++ or a+1?
15.How to print the address of the variable?
16.What is pointer?
17. What is a Huge Pointer?
18.What is difference b/w Strings and Arrays?
19.What is difference b/w include " " and include < > ?
20. What is structure?

Technical Interview Questions|C Language Programming Interview Questions

21.What is Enum?
22.What is destructor?
23.What is the difference between a NULL Pointer and a NULL Macro?
24.What is the purpose of realloc()?
25.What is a pointer value and address?
26.What is the use of typedef?
27. What are the differences between new and malloc?
28.What is the difference between the functions memmove() and memcpy()?
29.What are the advantages of using array of pointers to string instead of an array of strings?
30.What is a file pointer?

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