Aptitude Questions with Answer | Permutation and Combination | Placement Questions

Aptitude Questions

Permutation and Combination

Q1. The no of ways in which 8 person can be seated at a round table if 2 particular persons must always sit together

a. 288

b. 720

c. 1440

d. 2880


Q2. The no. of ways in which letters of the word PRAISE be arranged

a. 720

b. 610

c. 360

d. 210


Q3. In how many ways 6 people can be seated on a bench

a. 720

b. 600

c. 425

d. 300


Q4. There are 3 vacancies in the firm and 15 applicants.Find total no. of ways of filling these vacancies

a. 3375

b. 2730

c. 560

d. 600


Q5. Rank of word MOTHER in Dictionary is

a. 240

b. 309

c. 308

d. 261


Q6. Ankit is allowed to choose 5 questions out of 9 . In how many ways can he choose them

a. 126

b. 128

c. 142

d. 160


Q7. In how many ways can 5 different balls be distributed among three boxes

a 375

b 625

c 125

d 243


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