Aptitude Questions with Answer | S.I and C.I Question's | Placement Questions

In this post you will get the Aptitude questions which are asked in the Company Placement Paper's. After Solving these questions you will get the idea that what kind of questions comes in the placement papers and you will be able to solve the questions.Quantitative Aptitude Questions are here which you can solve and brush up your knowledge.Aptitude Questions with Answer | S.I and C.I Question's | Placement Questions.

Aptitude Questions

Simple Interest and Compound Interest

Q1. Find S.I on Rs.1020 at 5% per annum in years

a. 408

b. 210

c. 200

d. None of this


Q2. A sum money doubles itself in 16 years .In what time it will triple itself

a. 21 years

b. 24 years

c. 20 years

d. 32 years


Q3. A watch was bought at Rs. 600 and sold on the same day at Rs 650.25 at a credit of 9 months and yet there was a gain of 2%.The rate % per annum is

a. 5%

b. 8 1/3%

c. 4.66%

d. 8%


Q4. Find the compound interest on Rs 825 for two years when the rate of interest for the first year is 4 % and for the second year is 3%

a. Rs. 56.75

b. Rs. 54.78

c. RS. 62.14

d. Rs. 58.74


Q5. Find the rate percent if the C.I on Rs. 15625 for 3 years is Rs. 1951

a. 3%

b. 4%

c. 5%

d. 4.5%


Q6. The S.I on a certain sum of money at 4% p.a for 4 years is Rs.80 more than interest on the same sum for 3years at 5% p.a.Find the dum of money

a. 6,700

b. 7,500

c. 8,000

d. 8,750


Q7. Find the sum of money when increases 1/10 of itself every years amount to Rs. 600 in 5 years

a 2 1/2 years

b 5 years

c 3 years

d None of this


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