Infosys Placement Pattern|Infosys Selection Procedure

In this post we are going to tell you the selection procedure which infosys follows to recruit the fresher's from the campuses.

Infosys Selection Process is divided into two Parts:-

1. Written Test.
2. Interview (H.R cum Technical)

Infosys Recruitment Process

Written Test:-
In this you will get 60 questions and which you have to complete in 60 minutes and This part of infosys is further divided into two sub parts and these are-

Reasoning Questions
Verbal Ability

Infosys Placement Pattern|Infosys Selection Procedure

Interview :-
This is the second main part of the Infosys selection process.It is H.R cum Technical Interview .In this mainly questions are asked to check your  communication skills and to check how you react to some situations.

Some Interview Questions which Infosys Interviewer Asked to me are:-

Interviewer:-Tell me Something About Yourself?
 Me:- I am Ankit Sachdeva . I am from Rajpura . I have done my 6 weeks training in Core Java and made a project Career Counseling System. I have also done 1 month training in HTML i which i have made a website on Laptop Store.

Interviewer:-What Kind of Website Tell Something About that ?
 Me:- Sir it was a static website it was divided into four modules and we were four team mates and every one got one module. Mine module was of Dell. then i was telling and Interupted and asked

Interviewer:- Tell any 5 Subjects of your Course?

Infosys Placement Method|Infosys Placement Criteria|Infosys Selection Process

Interviewer :- What is the Main Difference b/w C++ and Java?
Me:-C++ is nit pure object oriented where as Java is purely Object Oriented Langugae
 Thats all and i am placed in infosys


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  1. please send me some more questions about the hr cum technical with answers. And also send me some stress questions with answers and tell how to react to the stress questions